Rohan kishibe1

Mangaka that can draw panels at FTL speed

Character Name: Rohan Kishibe

Universe Name: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Status in regards to the plot: Ally (good)

Tier in the series: Mid Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Peak human level strength, speed and durability, Heaven's Door has super strength, speed and durability, can turn person into book so Rohan can gather information from him, can remove pages from that book or add new ones, this way Rohan can control person in different ways (I.E. he can write "can't attack Kishibe Rohan" and the person won't be able to attack Rohan), violates concepts of cause and effect to certain extent, can send people flying away at the speed faster than car can move

Destructive Capability: Street level+ (doesn't focus on destruction)

Speed: Peak human with FTL reactions (was able to react and grab the manga page after Crazy Diamond already started attacking him)

Intelligence: Very high

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Superhuman+

Race: Human

Occupation: Stand user, mangaka

Range: Several meters, Heaven's Door affects everyone who sees it

Weakness: None notable

Accuracy: Extremely high

Standard Equipment: Pen and paper



Heaven's Door: Rohan's Stand. Has extreme accuracy and precision and allows Rohan to draw his weekly manga chapter in just few hours. Can turn person into a book by touch so Rohan can manipulate him in different ways.

Book-Human Transmutation: By turning people into books, Rohan can read their memories since birth. Contents shown by Heaven's Door are memories, thoughts , ideas and experiences of individual.

Memory Tangibility: Rohan can rip out pages in the book so person will forget certain memories.

Write-in Command: Rohan can write in false memories into person like "can't attack Kishibe Rohan". Victim would be forced to obey this commands. This ability is subject to no-limits fallacy, though.

Battle History in The Arena:

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