Character Name: Saronia A. Irivika

For the good of Mother Russia!

Universe: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Epithet: N/A

Status in regards to the plot: Tertiary Character, Antagonist

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Magic, Mindfuck, Magic that interferes with the function of the Body

Destructive Capability: Street Level ( Saronia's magic isn't focused on physical destruction, and she herself had to disable Touma's hand to even consider engaging in CQC)

Speed: Above Average Human, she hasn’t been shown to be a speedster, and in her Touma fight the latter had half of his right side paralyzed, thus she didn’t need to be too fast.

Intelligence: Skilled Magician, was going Toe to toe with Birdway and managed to fool her, it took Roberto Katze, a third part with no info on either side to see that Saronia might have pulled one over Birdway and co.

Stamina: Above Average.

Durability: Peak Human to Superhuman, took a lightning spear from Mikoto then directly jumped from a Cargo plane and into the ocean and survived.

Race: Human

Occupation: Magician, Member of GREMLIN, Former member of Russian Orthodox Church

Range: Varies depending on prep time, the Enclave she used in her Touma fight was a few dozen meters, apparently she can create better and larger enclaves with multiple cores with more prep time.

Weakness:  Saronia's magic needs some sort of prep time, as it requires a Plant of Russian origin so she can create an Enclave through which she casts her magic, her magic is also focused on a core, if the core is found and destroyed she is relegated to a normal human.

Accurary: Low Medium, as she was having trouble hitting Touma with pollen seeds to use her magic.

Standard Equipment: Russian plants which act as the core for her enclave.

Notable Techniques: 

Enclave of the Leshy: Based on the spirit of the Leshy, Saronia has a Russian plant that she uses as the core for her “forest”, she symbolically makes herself the Leshy of the forest, she needs plants and animals native to Russia to exchange oxygen and Carbon Dioxide into the “forest, within her little “forest” she can take control of people through group psychology, her control was enough to make it so that Kids didn’t recognize their parents of that they were holding explosives, she can also punish outsiders to the forest that touch it, touching anything, such as the pollen in the air counts, in Touma’s case she half of his body unusable, it’s unknown if she has other, more directly painful means of “punishment”, destruction of the core however cancels the spell, With more prep Saronia can create a “forest” with more cores.

Other: N/A

Battle History in The Arena:

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