Xam: Sausy is Sausy. Generally doesn't give many shits about threads unless they involve verses or characters he likes. Is fairly irritable when provoked. Seems to think everyone hates him. Spams GIF's and images. Really knows his shit in Nasuverse. Seems to think I'm a Dragon and he's a Knight while simuntaneously being a tomato. Good debater, better than me. Not much else to say.

His old UN was SausyNinja, changed it to just Sausy because that's all anyone ever called him. Is >Omnipotents via powerscaling since him and me are in a eternal rival struggle....I guess. 

As for verses he likes...uhm.


Fire Emblem

ToAru Verse

One Piece.

Some other shits I don't really remember.

Neruc: He likes Medaka Box and Needless too.

Good debater,created the Frenda meme,unbiased and doesnt wank.

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