Might be a lesbian with how far she went for her BFFL

Character Name: Sherry Cromwell

Universe Name: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Epithet: Intimus115

Status in regards to the plot: Tertiary Character,  Protagonist, Ex-Antagonist

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Magic

Destructive Capability: Large Building Level

Speed: Average Human, Ellis isn't too fast either.

Intelligence: Above Average

Stamina: Above Average Human

Durability: Average Human, Ellis has at least Large Building Durability, possibly City Block.

Race: Human


Ellis the Golem.

Member of the Anglican Church

Range: Ellis has 10 meters of range.

Weakness: Other than her Golem summoning, Sherry is a completely average human.

Accurary: Average.

Standard Equipment: Chalk she uses for her spells.


Golem Creation: Sherry uses chalk to create her Golem, Ellis. It's made of concrete, metal and other stuff surrounding where she creates it, Ellis is shown to be incredibly durable.  Ellis has also been shown to be able to create eyes to spy on stuff from a large range.


Battle History in the Arena:

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