Shibushi shibuki by codegeman-d4mdmwq

Remember that horrible experience you've repressed since childhood? No? Now you do.

Character Name: Shibuki Shibushi, ScarDead

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Antagonist

Tier in the series: Mid

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Super speed, strength, ability to open healed wounds, both physical and mental, even on inanimate objects

Destructive Capability: Large Building level with pysical strength, varies with ScarDead (depends on how much damage someone has taken in the past)

Speed: Hypersonic (Unknown Hero Hinokage was unable to land a hit on her)

Intelligence: Higher than average 

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Building level+, possibly higher

Race: Human/Minus

Occupation: Unknown

Range: Human melee range with physical attacks, varies with ScarDead

Weakness: None

Accuracy: ScarDead cannot miss

Standard Equipment: Razor Blades

Noteable Techniques:

Superhuman Physiology: Shibushi appears to have great physical strength, as she effortless broke one of Kumagawa's arms, and Hitomi claims that it is because of her and Chougasaki's great power that Kumagawa has been able to launch his plans before the rest of Class -13 arrived at the school. Kumagawa considers Shibushi the only member of Class -13 who can be relied upon to win. Shibushi has demonstrated an aptitude with razors, which she holds three of between the fingers of her left hand.


Scar Dead

ScarDead opening wounds

Scar Dead
 (致死武器, Sukā Deddo): Shibushi's Minus allows her to re-open any wound ever inflicted on someone, no matter how old. This ability extends not only to physical wounds, but to mental wounds as well, allowing her to leave her victims in a state of mental breakdown. Shibushi's Minus cannot be stopped by suppressants, or even her own death.
  • Hatred Weapon Bazooka Dead (憎武器 バズーカー・デッド, Nikushibuki Bazūkā Deddo): Shibushi's fully powered Scar Dead, this attack can reopen wounds even at a distance. This ability can also open the wounds of non-living objects such as metal or concrete, which can cause roofs and walls to crumble and collapse due to "wounds" caused in construction.

Other: If her opponent has died or gone through alot of traumatizing events, even if they've coped with it, will probably lose automatically.

Battle History in The Arena:

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