Medaka Box Anormal Contraportada DVD Volumen 2

Every group needs its racial diversity, right?

Character Name: Shigusa Takachiho, Hard Wrapping

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Antagonist

Tier in the series: Low Mid

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, speed, and durability, can put body on auto pilot

Destructive Capability: Building Level+

Speed: Supersonic, supersonic+ reactions

Intelligence: Fairly intellegant, expert stratagist

Stamina: Fairly high

Durability: Building Level+

Race: Human/Abnormal

Occupation: Kickboxer, Flask Plan

Range: Human Melee range

Weakness: None

Accuracy: Extremely accurate

Standard Equipment: none

Noteable Techniques:

Medaka and Takachiho's touching session

Don't talk about fight club!

Combat Expert: Takachiho is considered the strongest man in the Thirteen Party. Takachiho's preferred style is kick boxing; with no prior movement, he was able to bring up his knee into Medaka's face before she could react. Takachiho's kicks are strong enough to send her flying, and he was able to break Medaka's arm with his leg strength. Even without relying on his kicks, he is a capable fighter with his fists, going toe to toe with Medaka in a straight up brawl.


Auto-Pilot (反射神経, Ōto Pairotto): Takachiho's Abnormality is his extraordinary reflexes. Unlike other people,

Auto Pilot

Bitch please, I'm used to balls in my face.

who use reflexes for defense and to retreat, Takachiho can even use his reflexes to attack and counter. He describes this skill as the "ability to put my brain on auto-pilot." Because his muscles fight without the use of his brain, this also leaves Takachiho free to strategize. Since his body moves on reflex and not reactions, feints and illusionary techniques such as Medaka's bunshin are useless against him. However, Medaka was able to get past his reflexes by first throwing off his timing, then attacking him at high speed when he blinked. Also, no matter how good his reflexes are, if Takachiho's muscles cannot keep with his senses, he will still take hits. During his fight with Medaka, Takachiho learns to use judgment along with his reflexes, allowing him to dodge attacks even in a weakened condition.


Battle History in The Arena:

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