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Mindrape at it's ToAru finest.

Character Name: Shokuhou Misaki

Epithet: Mental Out, The Queen of Tokiwadai, Number Five

Universe Name: To Aru Majutsu no Index/ To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Status in regards to the plot: Secondary Character, Protagonist

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Mind control, Telepathy, Can change emotions.

Destructive Capability: Doesn't use normal strength, her DC usually depends on who she's controlling.

Speed: Average Human

Intelligence: Genius.

Stamina: Below Average human Physically, wasn't able to keep up with The Railgun while jogging, otherwise she can control thousands of people at once.

Durability: Average Human

Race: Human

Occupation: Level 5 ESPer, Middle School Student

Range: Several Kilometers.

Weakness: She is a completely normal human except for her Mindrape abilities, she can't do anything against characters who are immune to mindrape.

Accurary: Extremely High, accurately controlled thousands of people over several kilometers and made them all drive to the side of the road to clear a way for herself.

Standard Equipment: Remote she uses for her powers.


Battle History in the Arena:

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