Sword Art Online Vol 05 -001


Character Name: online name: Sinon real life name: Asada Shino

Universe Name: Sword Art Online

Status in regards to the plot: main character

Tier in the series: a high tier player in GGO

Gender: female

Powers and Abilites: enhanced speed, strength, reaction speed, endurence, eye sigh and hearing. good at predicting the speed and direction of the wind. (ALO) magic fire arrows

Destructive Capability: can shoot though vehicles and buildings due to her Ultima Ratio Hecate II which considered as anti-material rifle military weapon (both in GGO and RL).

Speed: fast enough to bullet time a GE M134 Minigun

Intelligence: expert sniper, can create plans on the fly and determine who is the greater threat just by insinct. highly knowledgable about guns and can accuratly fire one in real life.

Stamina: above peak human

Durability: hard to tell as the story uses game mechanics

Race: (RL and GGO) human, (ALO) Cait Sith

Occupation: (RL) high school student, (GGO) sniper, (ALO) archer

Range: (GGO) PGM Hécate II: efffective range: 1,800 meters, max range: over 2,000 meters, H&K MP7: 200 meters. (ALO) long bow: over 100 meters.

Weakness: focuses on strength and accuracy rather than durability and vitality (mainly on strength since this is the main stat for snipers in GGO). has a fear of guns in real life (in game, she has no problem with them).

Accurary: highly accurate, was able to hit another player when there was only a 30% chance of success

Standard Equipment: (GGO) main weapon: PGM Hécate II side weapon: H&K MP7, 7 extra magazines for her sniper rifle containing 50 cal ammo, an anti-laser barrier generator to lessen damage from beam guns. (ALO) long bow and arrows

Other: (external infomation or some note)

Battle History in The Arena:


Sinon(GGO)(left) Asada Shino(center) Sinon(ALO)(right)