How Sora is going to look in KH3

Character Name: Sora

Universe: Kingdom Hearts

Status in regards to the plot: Primary Character, Protagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength/Speed/Durability/Agility, Time Manipulation, Flight, Fire/Ice/Electromagnetic/Gravity manipulation. Summoning, Has various spells, Flowmotion is a power that blankets him in a violet aura and allows him to dynamically attack his opponents with higher strength, agility and speed. Has various Forms that greatly boost all his stats. 

Destructive Capability: Island Level+

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Mach 140+)

Intelligence: Has large amounts of skill, can replicate moves of his opponents after seeing it once..

Stamina: Superhuman, can clear thousands of heartless and have long fights with strong foes. This ranges over a large amount moves and techniques. Otherwise is pretty Naive and sometimes is just plain stupid.

Durability: Island Level+


Sora's 4 forms.


Occupation: Zipper Master Keyblade Master

Range: Melee Range with Keyblade, Several Dozen Meters with Magic and Projectiles.

Weakness: Naive

Accurary: Medium to High.

Standard Equipment: Keyblade

Notable Techniques: 


Reflega: When used, can greatly lessen the impact of an attack. This spell however is not an absolute defense, .

Firaga: Sora creates rings of fires around himself to repel enemies

Blizzaga: Sora fires freezing Magic at enemies.

Thundaga: Sora brings down lightning upon his enemies. (misleading name)

Graviga: Sora creates a mass of gravity that draws enemies towards it

Stopaga: Sora stops times around his enemy.

Lethal Flame: Sora stops time around an enemy, and slashes them several times, and resumes the flow of time, resulting in the stacked damage of his attacks destroying them.

Ragnarok: Sora fires a lot of energy blasts.

Warp: Sora removes an enemy from the battlefield.

Summoning Magic: With this Sora can call an ally to help him in battle. These allies range from people like Cloud Strife, to Simba from The Lion King, to people like Genie.Most of the info on these techniques is based on game mechanics.

Keyblade Techniques

Sonic Blade: Sora repeatedly rushes at the enemy with his blade out at extreme speeds.

Strike Raid: Sora repeatedly throws his Keyblade at the enemy. Comes in multiple variations, such as being able to freeze the opponent in time on contact.

Ars Arcanum: Sora cloaks his blade in light and then pulls off a massive combo.

Final Arcana: Sora unleashes an incredibly fast and long combo which involves him warping himself and his Keyblades. One of his attacks in Final Form.

Other: N/A

Battle History in The Arena:

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