Aizen Sousuke by Tru Colorz

Sosuke Aizen the ultimate troll king.

Character Name: Aizen Sousuke, usually called Butterfly Aizen in 3rd form and Hollow Aizen in Final form

Universe Name: Bleach

Status in regards to the plot: Arc Villian

Tier in the series: High tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, speed, kido master, immense reiatsu/spiritual power, master of swordsmanship specialist and shunpo, hand-to-hand combat expert, can create powerful illusion and control sense, regeneration (assuming low-high), dimensional travel/sealing, can receive or massively increase his power through several transformation from Hyokugou, casual fired destructive and deadly reiatsu blast, immortality (type 1 and 3)

Destructive Capability: City block level+, possibly higher (damaged and heavily wounded multiple captain level opponents) | Likely multi city block level+ (overpower many people above captain level and when Urahara lock his reiatsu, the explosion strong enough to wipe several city blocks) | Unknown, possibly at least multi city block level+ | Likely city level+ (able to fight Upgraded Bankai Ichigo for a while and this form is massively powerful than the previous) | At least multi-mountain level

Speed: High Sonic Level (Power scaling Ichigo Kurosaki+Ulquiorra Cifer)

Intelligence: Incredibly manipulative, easily able to deceive people, orchestrated a long-term plan to overthrow Soul Society. Very good at adapting his plans to account for unforeseen factors. Was able to easily adapt to having all of his senses reversed (left is right, up is down, forward is backwards, etc etc etc) after being informed of the specifics of the reversal

Stamina: At least supernatural

Durability: At least city block level+ (tanked No.96 Hadou spell from Yamamoto) | Multi city block level+, possibly higher (tank his own reiatsu blast, No.91 Hadou Spell from Urahara and attacks from people above captain level) | Casual multi city block level+ giving tanking ability of previous from | Likely town level+ (tanked Upgraded Bankai Ichigo's attack) | Possibly mountain level (tanked a Mugetsu, and due his regeneration)

Race: Soul

Occupation: Manipulate master and fighter, former Gotei 13 captain and vice captain

Range: Various, depends on what version we use

Weakness: Overconfident

Accuracy: Not needed due massive long rang destructive attacks.

Standard Equipment: His Zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu, the Hogyoku

Other: Base Aizen | Chrysalis Aizen | Condom Aizen | Butterfly Aizen | Final aka Hollow Aizen

Current Status: Detained by soul society.

Chrysalis Form:

190px-Aizen Chrysalis form

The transformation.

Second Form Aizen:

230px-Aizen Second Transformation

The 2 ultimate form.

Butterfly Aizen:

Aizen 3rd form

Ultimate 3 form.

Hollow Aizen:

800px-Aizen Fourth Form Full

Final Form!

Battle History in The Arena:

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