Soul Cartel

Soul Cartel is a manhwa writen by Haram.


The story is about the reincarnation of Faust once again taking on a contract with Mephistopheles, however with 3 major changes. 1) instead of Mephisto trying to tempt Faust, Faust must rehabilitate Mephisto. 2) The competition will be held in the Underworld, not the physical world. And 3) Instead of God, the judge and witness shall be the Spirit Medium in training Cha Shihoon. Now the three of them, along with Shihoon's Spirit Medium sister, Soo-in, and an especially perverted soul traverse the underworld fighting demons, escaping angels, and solving puzzles set to stop humans from entering the Underworld as they try to rehabilitate Mephisto and find Shihoon's parents who were taken by something even Mephisto might not be able to defeat.

Standing and PowersEdit

Soul Cartel is fairly powerful having characters that can sclae to Mephisto who can dish out casual town level attacks and Faust who can summon just about anything through God's Papyrus, though common characters tend to get to around large building level. It is very early on however, so power could increase at anytime.

With the addition of thw Witch clan, it is also very dangerous if given prep, as they can create potions that can turn people invisible, throw people into an eternal sleep (or at least a long time depending on power, took Mephisto out for over a day), and other powerful spells.

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