WH ch83 p3

She's Sparda's favorite character for a reason.

Character Name: South

Universe Name: Witch Hunter

Status in regards to the plot: Villain                 

Tier in the series: High

Gender: Female

Race: Witch

Occupation: Witch

Powers and Abilities: Magic

Destructive Capability: Town Level, seeing as how she's one of the great witches along with East, and former great witch Varete, she could be easily powerscaled to Mountain Level+                       

Speed: Likely Hypersonic given her placement in the series.

Intelligence: High, was able to find out North plans on reviving West.

Stamina: Unkown      

Durability: Unkown, but if powerscaled to East or Varete, at least Town level.                                               

Range: Several Kilometers

Weakness: Unkown

Standard Equipment: Her Hat which constantly supplies her with mana.

Noteable Techniques:

Magic Beam

  • South's Beam Part 1
  • South's Beam Part 2

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