Xam: Sparda is Jageroux is Deveroux is Alex Mercer is Spardbro is Sparry. Has had more UN's than I have. Good debater, likes multiple verses. Is prone to using colorful language. Lost to Neru-ru in a FT hating poll by a small margin. Is a quality debater. Is a Top Tier Bro.

Enjoys crashing in bro's basements.  Did I say he's a quality debater? Not much else to say. Doesn't wank anything and supports quality verses such as Witch Hunter and etc.

Sausy: Does not have knightness in him and refuses to reside on the forest floor.

Neruc: Drunk ass drunk. Only beaten by the likes of Law. Also gives out shitty-good(?) nicknames. I will kill him if Neru-ru sticks. Not like I already didn't kick his ass before.

Likes Hollywood Undead, so he knows what quality is. 

Sparda: Well, I may as well go ahead and tell a little 'bout myself. First off, I'm 16, contrary to popular belief. I'm probably the biggest Hollywood Undead Fan you'll meet. I'm an alcoholic (My uncle owns a bar and lets me work there from time to time(Looking the part + Fake I.D. FTW), though I'm less of a drunk than Law. I like playing video games and shit like that; along with listening to music and other stuffs. By 'listening to music' I mean listening to Hollywood Undead and other bands.

Favorite Bands: Hollywood Undead, duh; A Day To Remember; Crown The Empire; A Story To Remember; Nine Lashes; New Medicine; The Used (Mainly their albums In Love and Death & Lies for the Liars); Her Bright Skies and Chevelle.

Yeah, I listen to a lot of music. Only good music though.

Favorite Series: Witch Hunter; Akame Ga Kiru; Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan; [K]; Rising x Rydeen; Black Bullet; One Piece; Blue Exorcist; Other shit I can't remember.

Oh, did I mention I have a shitty memory? I do. I think... I can't remember.

Favorite Characters: Gajeel Redfox; Cobra; Eren Jager; Suoh Mikoto; Rin Okumura; Rabac; Minerva; South; Jotaro Kujo; Coyote Starrk; Hakumen; Bambietta; Hazama/Yuki Terumi; Alex Mercer; Other people I can't be bothered to remember.

Also, apparently, I'm a Stud Muffin. I don't really know why I'm called a Stud Muffin, but I am. Completely random but whatever.

Things I don't like: Wankers: Shitty People: Red Hero/Rax Spellbound/Revenant Hero - He and I just don't get along.

I spend 98% of my time on Skype, so if you ever want to be annoyed/bothered shitless, you can add me. My Skype thingy is deveroux7; on PSN I'm Jageroux; on XBL I'm Dragi0n - before any shit gets started, that was a legit randomized name.

Also, I prefer boobs more than ass. Jussayin'.

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