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Silver Surfer speedblitzes Nova

Speedblitz is a type of argument in debates which says that character X is much faster than character Y so X will beat Y before the latter is even capable of doing anything. It's a very common argument and often decides who wins the fight, that's why speed is usually is the most important aspect in battles.

In fiction speedblitzing doesn't occur very often due to PIS and CIS (just look at Flash from DC Comics) but in debates PIS and CIS are often removed and characters are bloodlusted, that's why speedblitz argument is used a lot.

However there're some ways for slower characters to protect against speedblitz:

- Intangibility (speedblitz is useless if you can't touch your opponent)

- Automatic defenses such as Light Hawk Wings, Dispel Bound and Doctor Strange's shields

- Durability (speed is useless if you are incapable of hurting your opponent)

- Non-corporeality (basically the same as intangibility, the only difference is physical body is just facade)

- Omnidirectional attacks (but they should be fast enough to hit opponent before he speedblitzes you)

- Precognition or time manipulation (predict or alter opponent's moves in the past and he wouldn't be able to speedblitz)

- Natural evolution or adaptation (adapt to opponent's speed or copy it)

- Casualty manipulation (an ability to make it so your opponent's attack will miss)

- Probability manipulation (even if your chances of being capable of doing anything before speedblitz are 0%, with this ability and extreme luck it's possible to avoid speedblitz)

Speedblitz sometimes takes away all the fun of vs threads, that's why there's always an option of making equal speed which should be specified in OP.

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