First he got friendzoned, then he got fodderized. Stiyl just can't catch a break

Character Name: Stiyl Magnus

Epithet: Fortis931

Universe Name: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Status in regards to the plot: Tertiary Character, Protagonist, Ex-Antagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Magic, Fire manipulation, Forcefields, Memory manipulation, quick healing from wounds caused by flames as well as more durable to wounds caused by flames, His cigarette doubles as a way to send/recieve messages, able jam electronics and block magical and technological communication, illusions, remote explosions

Destructive Capability: Building Level+, possibly Multi Building with Innocentius Trinity.

Speed: Peak Human, Supersonic+ Reactions. Innocentius is superhuman to Faster than the Eye can See in speed.

Intelligence: Above Average, is a skilled magician.

Stamina: Peak Human to Superhuman, can fight for long amount of times even when injured.

Durability: Average Human. Building Level+ with Barriers, Innocentius has City Block+ durability.

Race: Human

Occupation: Mage of the Anglican Church

Range: Several Hundred Meters

Weakness: Innocentius requires Prep Time and is restricted to a set area.

Accurary: Medium

Standard Equipment: Rune Cards(Numberin in the Several Thousands at least). Cigarettes.

Other: N/A




Flame Sword: Stiyl creates a sword of flames that burns at 3000 degrees Celsius, when the blade makes contact it explodes making a very large fireball of the same heat. Stiyl can dual wield there with one being orange flames and the other being blue, both at the 3000 degrees.

Blade of Flames: Stiyl sends out a blade of fire to cut and burn his opponent, is also 3000 degrees celsius.

Mirage: Stiyl creates a illusion of himself which can talk, move and do whatever he wants generally.

Human Clearing Field: Stiyl creates an area where no one except the invited can enter and where people that are already there are removed.

Memory Manipulation: Through unspecified means Stiyl can erase and rewrite memories.

Innocentius: Stiyl summons a giant being of fire as his trump card, burning at 3000 degrees celsius at the minimum, Innocentius is almost immortal, being able to regenerate almost infinitely. The only weakness is that Innocentius is restricted to the area in which Stiyl set's his rune cards and if the cards are destroyed Innocentius ceases to exist.

Innocentius Trinity: Stiyl can summon multiple Innocentius at once, 3 being the max he has shown and that has the least recoil on him. They have been confirmed to not be as power individually as the single innocentius, but are not too much weaker than it, Sityl can also do just 2 but that exerts a greater burden on him due to it not being a trinity. 

Battle History in The Arena:

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