The classic example of a stomp. All credit goes to Aldric of OBD

Stomp aka Curbstomp, RapeStomp, Babyshake, Lolstomp, Murderstomp, Shitstomp, Ownage, Pwnage, an extremely one-sided fight where one party gets totally raped by another.

If a thread has quality character pwning someone who is Made of Fail, it's a good stomp.

Around 70% of stomp threads are made by noobs, another 30% are bait threads or were just created for lulz

Examples of stomp:

- Sasuke vs. Silver Surfer

- Marvel vs Naruto

- Galactus vs Ichigo

- TOAA vs Naruto verse

- Magneto vs Aizen

- Any Part 2 of Dragon Ball vs HST thread (the most common ones)

- 99,9999....% of threads involving Twilight

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