The MF user most notable for being very foul mouthed

holds a record of "most ruined threads in a day" with 11(probably more) threads got infected.

got banned 2 times.

When you meet him in the Arena section, brace yourself for heavy Ad Hominem attack(s)...

Recent threads where he participated in after coming back from being banned,

Post-Crisis Superman vs Goku

vs Hulk

Most powerful anime/manga universe of all time

Karate Kid and Gamora vs the Naruto top tier fighters

and some others I failed to take notice of.

Now banned again for personal insults, it seems forever this time.

if he ever returns and you run into him, please do not try to troll him back or evevn talk tom him. add him to your ignore list and report him right away. he is far fromm being a reasonable person.

no further bashing for now.future addtions to this page will be removed