The most inspirational mecha in Anime

Name: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Pilots: Simon, Lordgenome, Viral, Yoko, and some other fodders.

Height: 10 million Light Years high

Classification: Gunmen

Powered By: Spiral Power

Destructive Capacity: Universe Level via powerscaling from Anti Spiral's replication of TTGL.

Speed: Massively FTL given it's large size

Durability: Universe Level

Lifting Strength: Galactic Class

Striking Strength: Galactic Class (Anti Spiral could throw a galaxy like it was a peanut)

Prerequisite for Use: Has to go through several stages of Gurren Lagann to reach this form, which takes an immense amount of prep time for gathering enough Spiral power.


  • Drill Arms X 2 (once destroyed these drills could be recreated almost instantly)
  • Katana X 2
  • Sniper Rifle X 1
  • Space-time Anchor
  • Probability Missiles (manipulate probability to ensure the enemy's defenses fail to block them)
  • Lazengann Overload (piloted by LordGenome)
  • Lesser stages of Gurren Lagann

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

My Wife Is the Best in the Universe Swing: TTGL grabs the target with the Space-time Hook then proceeds to spin it overhead a several times before dropping it with a powerful crash. This was a special attack performed by Dayakka Littner in honor to his wife, Kiyoh.

Lazengann Overload: Lazengann emerges from the TTGL's torso to intercept an incoming attack. If the attack is too strong, Lazengann would disintegrate completely. Yet, it wouldn't end there. Following that LordGenome is reduced to quantums. which invades the energies of the opponent's attacks and transform it into a titanic drill. Next, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann consumes that drill thus increasing its power considerably. This trick appeared to work against Grand Zamboa's Infinity Big Bang Storm that was claimed to possess the power of the entire universe's creation. Absorbing that power enabled the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to match the Anti-Spiral on almost equal footing.

- Giga Drill Breaker: Basically the same as the Gurren Lagann's variation, but incomprehensibly bigger and more powerful.Creates a huge drill over the mech and rams the opponent with it. Although it isn't as cool as when Kamina does it.

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

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