Character Name: Terra
Character01 - Terra02

Cosmic Pants right there

Universe: Kingdom Hearts

Status in regards to the plot: Primary Character, Protagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength/Speed/Durability/Agility, Flight via his Keyblade bike, Energy/Fire/Lightning/Darkness manipulation, super willpower(animated a armor via sheer rage and kept it animated for a decade after. Can breathe in Space via suit of armor.

Destructive Capability: Small Island Level+/Isand Level+

Speed: Massively Hypersonic/MHS

Intelligence: Average but skilled in Combat/Is a manifestation of pure rage so makes irrational decisions even though it's more skilled

Stamina: Superhuman/Does Not Tire due to being a Spirit

Durability: Small Island Level+/ Island Level+

Race: Human

Occupation:  Keyblade Wielder

Range: Melee Range with Keyblade, Several Dozen Meters with Magic and Projectiles.

Weakness: Novie level at Darkness Magic

Accurary: Medium to High.

Standard Equipment: Keyblade

Notable Techniques: 


Firaga:  fires a huge fireball at the enemies


Terra in his Armor

Blizzaga:  fires freezing Magic at enemies.

Thundaga: brings down lightning upon his enemies. (misleading name)

Curaga: heals Terra fully

Warp: Terra removes an enemy from the battlefield.

Quake: is a technique that allows the user to generate a small earthquake that also kicks up pillars of rock.

Meteor: is a technique that allows the user to bring a giant meteor crashing down on enemies, triggering an explosion on impact that deals massive Fire-type damage.

Dark Firaga: is a technique that allows the user to fire a ball of dark flame at a target.

Dark Volley: Terra fires many blasts of dark energy at all targeted enemies. 

Sonic Shadow: Terra charges at all targeted enemies while cloaked in an aura of darkness. The attack ends with multiple pillars of darkness erupting from the ground.

Ultima Cannon: Terra's ultimate Shotlock. Terra's Keyblade morphs into a gigantic cannon and fires two huge blasts that explode when they make contact with enemies.

Keyblade Techniques

Ars Solum: Terra's body is enveloped in a soft glow. Combining fast and slow attacks, Terra attacks away at the enemy.

Dark Impulse: Terra becomes eveloped in a jet black aura, gaining better stats. The boost offered by this form allowed him to beat Eraqus who was previously his teacher and is a master class keyblade wielder.

Other: Base/Lingering Sentiment

Battle History in The Arena:

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