I like him so much because his badassness.

Character Name: Titus "The Fallen Warrior / Samurai" (his nickname and title)

Universe Name: Demonbane

Status in regards to the plot: Anti villain

Tier in the series: Low tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, durability, speed, master of swordmanship, summoning, magic

Destructive Capability: At least wall level+ (he only using sword but was able fight on par with Winfield, who easily crush a Destroyer Robot with ease and not even sweat)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (casual bullet timer, as he easily silce thousand of bullets (even in close range) with his swords but no one able to see it, and potential faster giving his 4 arms with his bored attitude)

Intelligence: Fighting expert and good tatician, as he have no intent for meaningless kill and even allow elite guards from Hadou Group to run, prefer not to take down other's rival, probably more due his status

Stamina: High (can fight even heavily injured by Winfield's attack, deflect bullets with ease)

Durability: Large building level+ (strong enough to survive the explosion and impact from Orge, even Winfield must use his strongest attack just to defeat a half dead Titus)

Race: Former human / Demi Human

Occupation: Swordmen, fighter and socerer

Range: Melee range, at least serveral of meters with his Deus Machina

Weakness: None

Accurary: He use backsword to deflect bullets perfectly.

Standard Equipment: 4 swords and Orge

Other: This is Titus from Zanmataisei Demonbane, not to be confused with other Titus.

Battle History in The Arena: