Character Name: Tsuchimikado Motoharu

You don't fuck with his family.

Universe Name: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Epithet: Fallere825 : The Backstabbing Blade

Status in regards to the plot: Secondary Character, Protagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength/Speed/Durability, Regeneration, Energy Blasts, Magic

Destructive Capability: Large Building+, might be slightly City Block level as the Kamijou residence was a large building and the exact size wasn't communicated other than the fact that it was a large building.

Speed: Above Peak Human in base, Supersonic+ bursts while using Magic

Intelligence: Quick Thinker and comes up with great tactics on the spot, is a double agent so is a great liar and good with seeing true tactics, in the latest Volume Motoharu essentially ran around sucessfully continually outsmarting people even while he was being overtly clumsy and was mentally unbalanced.

Stamina: Superhuman. During the Daihensaisei Motoharu repeatedly uses spells which causes his blood vessels to burst and still helps Stiyl and Touma chase Orianna over the city, only getting put down when he gets fried, also NT7 stuff mentioned below.

Durability: Large Building+, might be Multi-Building Level with barriers. Superhuman without(In NT7 Tsuchimikado used magic which had a large recoil, still ran around AC, then got shot in the side, and used magic again which made it even worse, after which he climbed 50 stories without a life line, this applies to both Durability and Stamina)

Race: Human

Occupation: Double Agent, Mage ,Former member of GROUP

Range: 50-100 KM with Magic, Melee Range with fists and normal Handgun range.

Weakness: Magic causes him intense pain, literally causing his blood vessels to burst, his ESPer ability helps him tank the effect the magic causes to him.

Accurary: High with Magic and Firearms.

Standard Equipment: Handgun, Magic


Barrier: During the Angel Fall arc Tsuchimikado protected himself from a planetary range high powered reality warping, which swapped the appearances of every human being on earth.

Shield: Tsuchimikado creates a shield with that has shown a durability of Large Building to possibly Multi Building level durability.

Speed Boost: Tsuchimikado boosts his speed greatly using magic, allowing him to go at Supersonic+ speeds for a short burst.

Beam of Light: Tsuchimikado utilizes a giant beam of light which has shown to be able to travel several kilometers. Tsuchimikado doesn't have to keep the target in his sight or even be close to it. Tsuchimikado destroyed Touma's family house with this spell which is said to be rather large house. The spell also however "kills" Tsuchimikado.

Level 0 Auto-Regeneration: Tsuchimikado's ESPer ability, it heals him very slowly, which allows Tsuchimikado to continue to use magic, however it's not a fail safe as Tsuchimikado himself estimates he may only have "5 or 6" lives left.

Battle History in the Arena:

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