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Character Name: Tsurubami Kamome

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Supporting protagonist 

Tier in the series: High-Mid

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super speed, strength, durability, can manipulate gravity, can control the rotation and revolution of the Earth

Destructive Capability: City Block Level, likely higher 

Speed: Hypersonic+ (out sped base Medaka ), reactions higher than Medaka using Kurokami Phantom

Intelligence: Extremely High, Combat Expert

Stamina: Fairly high

Durability: Multi-city block level, likely higher

Race: Human/Abnormal/Minus/Style User

Occupation: Kurokami Group Employee

Range: Human melee range, planetary with abilities

Weakness: Intimacy

Accuracy: Extremely high, near perfect with abilities

Standard Equipment: A Spinning Top

Notable Techniques:

Combat Expert: Tsurubami is able to recognize and counter others' attacks before they have even begun; he was able to stop one of Zenkichi's kicks by stomping down on Zenkichi's foot before the other boy could even react. Zenkichi labels Tsurubami's reaction speed as superior to both Medaka's Kurokami Phantom and Shigusa Takachiho's Auto-Pilot. Tsurubami also seems highly capable of analyzing his opponents and their strengths, as he recognized that Zenkichi was trying to hold back before Zenkichi even moved a muscle. Tsurubami's spinning top seems to be his weapon of choice, though how it factors into his abilities is still unknown.

Tsurubami's tattoo

Tsurubami's Style tatoo

Kamome System (鴎システム, Kamome Shisutemu): Medaka labels Tsurubami's abilities as a combination of skills and a style, which Tsurubami himself calls the Kamome System. The Kamome System is made up of three distinct parts: the Abnormality Spinning Angler, the Minus Octopus, and the Provocations User style. Using the Kamome System, Tsurubami is the strongest of Hakoniwa Academy. Though Tsurubami is a highly capable fighter through his use of the Kamome System, it proved ineffective against his father's Contradictory Conjunction User style. He was also rendered helpless before Medaka's War God Mode, a weakness she was able to deduce after figuring out one third of his system.


Spinning Angler (独楽図解, Supiningu Angurā): The rotation skill, it allows Tsurubami to manipulate the Earth's rotation and revolution movements.


The power of Nope.


Octopus (引っ張り足, Okutopasu): The gravitation skill, it lets Tsurubami stand in the way of and obstruct others, and also quite literally pull their legs down.


Provocations User (挑発使い, Chouhatsu Tsukai): A style that allows Tsurubami to snatch away the composure from his opponents; it managed to affect Ajimu even while she was still sealed. Tsurubami claims his style is only a prototype, having developed it himself while searching for his father.

Other: He can't speak to more than 1 person at a time

Battle History in The Arena:

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