Uchiha madara 475 coloured by benderzz-d4qoiao

Has the face of his lover growing on his chest.

Character Name: Uchiha Madara

Universe Name: Naruto

Status in regards to the plot: Villain

Tier in the series: Top Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength,speed,durability,fire manipulation,limited battle pre cog  Italicvia sharingan,can hypnotize the enemy via the sharingan,summons,can summon meteors,can create ethereal bodies out of susanoo to fight for him,can clone himself,chakra absorbtion and gravity manipulation via rinnegan.

Destructive Capability: Island level+ with the Perfect Susanoo, small country level with the aid of the Kyuubi | Small country level via Meteor (casually outputs teratons of energy) Unknown, possibly island level+ with Shinsuusenju Moon level+ via powerscaling, possibly small planet level with Chibaku Tensei

Speed: Massively hypersonic | Massively hypersonic+ | At least Massively hypersonic+, sub-relativistic+ reactions (has superior reactions than Juubito) Sub-relativistic attack speed and reactions via powerscaling

Intelligence: Highly intelligent, developed a much superior plan than Sosuke Aizen. Madara has the potential of unlocking nigh-omniscience with the full potential of the Rinnegan

Stamina: Very high by powerscaling

Durability: City block level+, small city level with complete Susanoo by powerscaling, island level+ with Perfect Susanoo | Moon level+ via powerscaling

Race: Human,Uchiha

Occupation: Searching for his lost love Hashirama (ironically, his love Hashirama came to him)

Range: Mutiple Kilometers

Weakness: Incredibly arrogant,his meteor technique is suicide if he doesnt have perfect susanoo up

Accuracy: As high as ninjas in Naruto get 

Standard Equipment:  A fan and scythe that are chained together


Key: EMS Madara | Edo Tensei Madara Rinne Tensei Madara | Rikudou Sage Madara

Battle History in The Arena:

Notable victories

-Freed Justine(Fairy Tail)-Was teamed up with Itach.Like he needs any help

-Fairy Tail-was teamed up with his lover.He needs no assistance however

-Future Rogue(Fairy Tail)-Lol thread

-Akainu(One Piece)

Notable losses:

-Haru Glory(Rave) ~outdated~

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