Sasuke uchiha

Uchiha Sasuke

Character Name: Uchiha Sasuke

Epithet: Sharingan(by Cee aka Raikage's body guard) and Sauce Gay/Sasgay/emo by Haters

Universe Name: Naruto

Status in regards to the plot: Anti-Hero and Kishi's favorite

Tier in the series: High Tier( People say he can solo Superman LOL! which isn't true)

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, Battle precognition due to sharingan, Strategy adapted the fact he can analyze in the heat of the battle by taking the heat of spamming his Mangekyou and other tricks(LOL PLOT). He is a ninjutsu oriented shinobi and excels in it, he developed chidori to the next level having variants as well as Enton(Blaze Release) that is a part of Amaterasu.

Destructive Capacity: Building Level+

Speed: Hypersonic(Mach 14+)+ and Reaction hypersonic(Mach 40)

Intelligence: Though not as good as Itachi, he gains intelligence by testing out his abilities through the method of spamming it. He is a genius in his own right. He is able to outlast opponents like Danzo and Deidara however the outcomes are a wonder. The fact that he needs saving in countless occassions, he shows good leadership in team battles like diverting attention aka distraction strategy during his battle on the Kage summit arc which allows him to use a genjutsu to knock out Cee.

Stamina: His stamina is rather questionable but what has been shown so far is his stamina is above than an above average stamina.

Durability: Town level with Susanoo, Building level with Kirin.

Race: Human

Occupation: Kishi's number 1 favorite character and Nuke-nin

Range: Regular human range, dozens of meters or more with Susanoo arrows.

Weakness: Emoness

Accuracy: With chidori variants he is more of micro type and ever since he is sharingan oriented he is more of a macro type, less precision but fire power spread is strong.

Standard Equipment: Katana(Primary), Ninja tools(Secondary)


Chidori(Variants)- An A Rank jutsu thought by Hatake Kakashi, Sasuke further developed this jutsu blending it with his fighting style.

Amaterasu and Enton- Just like Itachi he is able to use Amaterasu but more of a chidori usage the fact he can make forms with it.

Susanoo- A giant humanoid created around the user, it lowers speed but increases defensive and offensive capabilities. Sasuke's is able to mix it with his Amaterasu and shoot arrows and make flamish swords and Fiery Magatamas.

Only haters call him Sasgay.

My favorite character in Naruto, number one.

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