20111104184542!The leader of the Enforcers

You wish you were this pimp at 10.

Character Name: Unzen Myouri, Monster Child

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Antagonist

Tier in the series: Low Mid

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super speed, strength, weapon specialist

Destructive Capability: Building Level

Speed: Supersonic

Intelligence: Genius, 1st year highschooler at 10, combat and stragey expert

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Building level+

Race: Human/Abnormal

Occupation: Head of a private security company

Range: a few meters

Weakness: None

Accuracy: Near perfect, uses trajectory of his bouncy balls to hit from every direction

Standard Equipment: Bouncy balls, Snow White

Notable Techniques

Weapons Specialist: Unzen uses a variety of weapons to get the job done as an Enforcer. His weapons are supplied to him by the board of directors in return for his participation in the Flask Plan.

  • Super Ball (超躍弾, Sūpā Bōru): Unzen's main weapon. A super ball with extreme power, it's ricochet is fast and dangerous. It can bounce off surfaces and is tough enough that it can pierce through wood and metal. The only reason Unzen can wield them as weapons is due to his ability to calculate at speeds comparable to a super computer, given that he is able to calculate the trajectories of his bouncy balls perfectly.
  • Smart Bomb: Cinderella (炸裂弾 「灰かぶリ」, Sakuretsudan: Shinderera): Unzen is more skilled with these balls then his super balls. A ball that looks like a regular super ball, it is actually filled with gunpowder, and will explode when ignited. It's powerful enough to blow through a wall.
  • String Ball (鋼糸玉, Sutoringu Bōru): Unzen's final weapon and his last resort. Balls of string made of Ariadne (アリアドネ, Ariadone), the wires can hold up to five tons per string. This weapon is a one use item, as Unzen cannot be bothered to take the time to re-ravel the thread.
    • Fowling Net (霞網, Kasumiami): Unzen's specialty, in which he creates a network of string to capture an opponent. The net is mainly defensive, being used to stop Medaka during her onslaught and to intercept Kumagawa's screws, but as the strings are incredibly sharp it can also be used to deal damage the opponent.
  • Snow White (白虎, Sunō Howaito): The uniform Unzen usually wears; it is made of anti-heat materials and is resistant to high levels of impact. Medaka has stated (in War God Mode) that it should be able to take three of her punches at full power.

Other: Other Unzen's brother


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Best part is how clearly I can see him saying this.

Battle History in The Arena:

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