Vanilla Ice and his Stand Cream

Character Name: Vanilla Ice

Universe Name: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Status in regards to the plot: Ally (evil)

Tier in the series: Low-High Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, speed and durability, regeneration, immortality (types 1, 3), his Stand Cream can create a void to absorb everything into his dimension

Destructive Capability: Large building level+, Cream's abilities ignore conventional durability

Speed: Unknown for Vanilla Ice, at least relativistic for Cream

Intelligence: With CIS on, he's pretty much a retard

Stamina: Vastly superhuman

Durability: City block level, it's difficult to kill him since he hides into Cream's dimension most of the time

Race: Former Human, Vampire

Occupation: Stand user

Range: Few meters

Weakness: Sunlight, his low intellect, can't see the battlefield when Cream is fully activated

Accuracy: High

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable



Cream: Vanilla Ice's Stand. Cream is able to devour itself and its user to become a void that devours everything it comes in contact with. While using its cutting power, Cream is invulnerable and can't be defended against except by dodging. However, as a drawback, neither Vanilla Ice nor Cream can see while this ability is being used, so Ice has to occasionally disengage partly to see whether or not the attack was successful.

Battle History in The Arena:

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