Character Name: Ventus

That's an interesting top.

Status in regards to the plot: Primary Character, Protagonist

Universe: Kingdom Hearts

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength/Speed/Durability/Agility, Flight via Keyblade skateboard, Energy/Fire/Lightning/etc manipulation,  can breathe in space via armor

Destructive Capability: Small Island Level+

Speed: Massively Hypersonic

Intelligence: Average but very skilled in Combat

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Small Island Level

Race: Human

Occupation:  Keyblade Wielder

Range: Melee Range with Keyblade, Several Dozen Meters with Magic and Projectiles.

Weakness: Unstable Heart....however that effects Vs. threads 

Accurary: Medium to High.

Standard Equipment: Keyblade

Notable Techniques: 


Firaga:  fires a huge fireball at the enemies

Thundaga: brings down lightning upon his enemies. (misleading name)


Ventus in his armor

  fires freezing Magic at enemies.

Curaga: heals Ventus fully

Tornado: is a technique that allows the user to create a whirlwind that sucks up enemies in its path, leaving them stunned. The direction of the tornado can be controlled.

Holy: It usually consists of a pillar of white light bursting from the ground, causing damage to everything in range, or orbs of light that home in on the enemy.

Keyblade Techniques

Wingblade: Ventus produces 6 swords of telekinetically controlled light swords that hover behind him. Wingblade increases Ventus’ attack speed hugely, this form is similar to Sora's final form.

Multivortex: Ventus rapidly attacks his enemies with 6 swords of light before finishing off with a massive whirlwind that damages everything in range.

Pulse Bomb: Ven launches energy blasts from the tip of his Keyblade and bombards enemies with a series of small explosions.

Dark Link: Ventus produces a triad of crystals of light that focuses energy into the centre and shoots a large energy beam.

Dark Splicer: He rapidly warps around slashing the enemy. He moves fast enough to leave solid afterimages.

Last Word: Ventus impales and traps his enemy with several large crystals of light at a fast pace, then kills them with a powerful slash.

Other: Base

Battle History in The Arena:

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