Epic manhua is epic.

Warlord (Chinese: 武神, Cantonese: Mou San, Mo Son, pinyin: Wǔ Shēn, lit. God of War) is the manhua comics written by Wan Yuet Lung, drawn by Tang Chi Fai.

Plot and Background Information:

In the year 7067AD, the earth experienced numerous battles, and because of these wars the world population was reduced to 500,000 people. Many cultural relics disappeared, the raw materials for making weapons has run out 1000 years after Baak Saunaam died and people only respect the strength of the Wargods to protect them. The Wargods are not only on Earth but on the Moon, Mars, and Saturn as well.

During this time, the extremely talented are called Wargods. Wargods who lose to any other Wargod will be taken races, so those who aren't under the protection of Wargods, or can't request the favour of Wargods, put the hope in the book of legend written 5000 years ago. No one understands the words written in the book, they only know the spell of the book is Dei-Yuk Dou (地狱道 Diyu Dao, lit. Hell Way?). In spite of the lack of understanding, the writing's rumor is transmitted generation to generation .

Because of knowing Mou Naam of the Fung tribe, the Wargod Ming Dou knows how to read the book, so the Wargod Saam-ngaan of the Three-Eyes tribe has been trying to kill Mou Naam. This is the start of the battle between the Good and Evil Wargods.

This is a truth that even a deity can not change - no one can change, because the nature of life is this: that Good and Evil always coexist, and when a conflict is resolved, other conflicts appear.

- It's basically the Dragon Ball of China but better and much more unique.

Standing in The Arena:

- Have to admit one expect me in The Arena (and OBD) know about this verse, their power is absurd strong, even Kwong Fung was able to withstand the destruction of a small planet before receive the massive power boost from the change of magnetic, Baak Mou Naam was able reach to light speed, etc