SoM Tasha

Tasha, the protagonist.

Witch Hunter is a Korean manwha series by CHO Jung-man. It follows Tasha, who goes around shooting witches with Halloween, his supporter, in tow. Also, it's full of tits, but it still remains good unlike a certain thing I could name, but won't, to avoid bias. Overall it's a good series.


It is about four Witches that suddenly declare war against humans, causing the world to fall apart. Two-thirds of the world fell under their rule. Surviving countries united and gathered people with the power to combat the witches. These individuals are called Witch Hunters. Tasha Godspell, a Witch Hunter, nicknamed “The Magic Marksman” along with his ”Jack-o-Lantern”- looking Supporter hunts witches but cannot bring himself to hate them. His main purpose is to find his master and his father’s killer — his younger sister who transcended into a witch and turn her back.

Standing and PowersEdit

Relatively, the verse is quite strong, with most mid-tiers topping out at Multi-Block Level, with most High Tiers being clear Mountain Busters. In regards to speed, most mid-tiers are Supersonic+, bordering Hypersonic, with High Tiers being hypersonic. There are minor hax users that can BFR people and 'disconnect' space, among other things.

As a verse, it can compete with Bleach and One Piece, and still has potential to get much stronger.

Character ProfilesEdit

Tasha Godspell

Xing Bairong


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