Sausy: Xam's, well, he's alright. He's good at debating, whether he know the stuff or not. Especially in ToAru, he knows his stuff there(XamNote: Just like to point out, I know my stuff in most verses I've read, just that I only remember details in verses I actually like...). Generally he knows enough ways to sound intelligent even if he doesn't know anything about the series. He generally lies his ass off however.(XamNote: ....I only really lie to Sausy to purposefully agitate him)

Goes by Xamgun, Xamgun D Auchhior, Artorias of the Abyss, but just call him Xam. That's all anyone ever does anyway.

Also he's a giant stupid dragon face and I DON'T LIKE HIM!

It's alive?

First ever MangaFox cosmic.

Also Wiki apparently doesn't like me calling you an asshole 100 times. Know that I did type it though.

Neruc: Also has ZA RAPE!!!.His stand.Broken as he is.He doesnt need to use it though.He just likes to have him around.JustFan likes to claim otherwise,but Omnipotent busters dont care what Fanny-Tan has to say.

XXX(XamNote: This makes me think I'm some kind of porn ad) is ominpotent buster and Sausy Buster.Sausy is jealous. 

Created in a rape thread(Metaphoric,and physicaly) by combining the limitless imagination of JustFan with Neruc's screwed up logic.

HIs godhood was determined here:Pancakes


It's alive!

Doesn't like FT.What a shock.Also in a bromance with everybro on Manga Fox.

Sparda: The dude has a nice and spacious basement, which is awesome.

He's a total bro. He's like, the bropinacle of brosomeness. He's just that bro.

Also, do NOT follow this bitch on Tumblr. You will wind up with 100+ updates in 5 minutes, because he's a Tumblr whore who reblogs everything. (You guy's dashes just aren't ready.)

Sausy: Holy shit is this true. We have literally made it a running gag now he does it so much.

Sparda: I felt as though this needed to be added.

Xam(Picture Sparda mentioned it Below): Figured I might as well add my own comments in now. I'm a generally ok guy I guess, rather dense however. Plenty of verses I know nothing about. I know very partial amounts of info about most of Marvel and DCverse since my parents never thought comics were good for a kid. Even for series I've read I often forget things or simplify them unless I'm really into the series. I figure I'm ok debater. Nothing special. But the more mentally challenged in the Area make me look better than I am. As for verses I support, well shit basically anything that I read that isn't complete and utter horseshit. Even then I'm rather forgiving. Despite rather strongly disliking what Naruto and Fairy Tail have become I still like the first halves well enough.

My favorite verses would have to be To Aru Majutsu no Index, Dark Souls, Kingdom Hearts, Once Piece and Town Level Lily.


Xam is the most likable person i know on MF. the amount of people who edited this page is testimony of that. He's a solid debator, not that he needs me to vouch for that. He knows his One Piece and Naruto by my experience.


Xam's feats.

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