Character Name: Xing Bairong (Real name Yue Bairong)
Xing Character

Xing(Yue) Bairong

Universe Name: Witch Hunter

Status in regards to the plot: Protagonist

Tier in the series: Mid-Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites:

Hand-to-Hand Combat Master: Trained in Bairong, Xing has learned and mastered all the martial arts styles in the Bairong Empire.

Vast Chi Resource: Xing's Chi was considered Emperor-worthy by the White Dragon, and was able to use Shinsok, which requires remarkable amounts of Chi energy to use and battle with on a regular level.

Superhuman Speed: Using the Chi techniques, Xing can boost his speed, putting him above most characters in his verse, speed wise. He often surprises his opponents by appearing right next to them in an instant, then defeating them in a single blow. This is the source of his nickname, The God Speed.

Superhuman Strength: Using Chi, Xing's attacks can do damage not possible with ordinary strength.

Destructive Capability: Multi-City Block - Low Town Level with Kaizer Fist spam. During his fight with Lee and Yue (The real Xing), they wrecked a majority of Bairong Empire due to Kaizer Fist spam.

Speed: Hypersonic

Intelligence: Average Human, he has good battle knowledge.

Stamina: Fairly large.

Durability: Multi-City Block

Race: Human.

Occupation: Fighter

Range: Hand to Hand. This can be increased with Kaizer Fist

Weakness: Can be lazy and doesn’t take a fight too seriously; It is noted by Lee that his speed has a key weakness: The user cannot change his destination once it has been chosen.

Standard Equipment: His sunglasses; a coin he likes to flip.


Battle History in The Arena:

Exorcists vs Witch Hunters

Night Raid takes a Witch Hunter Gauntlet

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