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This guy got hit hard by feels.

Character Name: Yamisaka Ouma

Universe: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Epithet: N/A

Status in regards to the plot: Side Character that showed up Once

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Durability, Magic, Flight, Wind Manipulation and Invisibility

Destructive Capability: Small Building Level

Speed: Faster than the Eye can see.

Intelligence: High, snuck into Academy City

Stamina: Superhuman, took enough of a grimoire that was said to kill a normal human.

Durability: Superhuman

Race: Human

Occupation: Mage

Range: A couple hundred meters.

Weakness: Nothing Notable.

Accurary: Medium

Standard Equipment: Magical Crossbow that amps his magic.

Notable Techniques: 

Fuuma no Gen: Uses the bow to fly

Shouda no Den: Creates a ball of wind with th bow, then bladts the wind through stuff.

Souma no Gen: Uses a radar to track down a target

Danma no Gen: Fire's a high-pressure blast of wind.

Touma no Gen: Turns Ouma and those around him invisible

Other: N/A

Battle History in The Arena:

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