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....Yeah I got nothin. He's not that cool a character.

Character Name: Yukuhashi Mizou, Rabbit Labrynth

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Antangonist

Tier in the series: Low

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Telepathy, illusions

Destructive Capability: Peak human, possibly higher

Speed: Peak Human, possibly higher

Intelligence: Very high

Stamina: Low: Even lower if anyone around him feels pain

Durability: Peak human: Lower if anyone around him feels pain

Race: Human/Abnormal

Occupation: Flask Plan, Oudo's Assistant/Minion

Range: Several Meters

Weakness: He feels the pain of anyone around him, possibly more so than them

Accuracy: Very accurate, near perfect when paired with Oudo

Standard Equipment: Scarf

Noteable Techniques:

Shape Shifting: Yukuhashi is a skilled illusionist, creating a guise of Medaka that fooled the Student Council. However, because Yukuhashi did not have long to prepare, the personality could not be perfected, and Zenkichi realized the trick when the disguised Yukuhashi asked for some clothes. Yukuhashi's ability to transform seems to be derived from his outstanding empathy for others; it is similar in concept to the Metonymy User Kakegae Yuzuriha's style.


Reading Minds (人の心を読む, Hito no Kokoro wo Yomu): Yukuhashi can read people's minds, or to be exact, can read their emotions. Yukuhashi can receive the electrical signals both machines and people release. Yukuhashi's Abnormality is more like a transceiver than actual telepathy. However, just being able to read minds does not make Yukuhashi a fighter. Also, Yukuhashi cannot read impulsive actions. Because Yukuhashi can read everything, even the most minute of intentions, one of the weakness of Reading Minds is that Yukuhashi needs time to filter through everything. Also, if the opponent is in poor condition their fatigue and other problems make the process even more difficult for Yukuhashi. Lastly, being able to read minds means Yukuhashi also feels other people's pain; depending how in tune with the situation Yukuhashi is, Yukuhashi may even end up feeling more pain. However, Yukuhashi considers the biggest weakness of Reading Minds to be that, upon realizing the other person's true feelings, Yukuhashi will sympathize with them and lose the will to fight. In tandem with Oudo, the two can combine their Abnormalities to simulate a perfect emitter, and fire a large wave of electricity at a target.

Other: Should only be used paired with Oudo

Battle History in The Arena:

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