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Character Name: Demonbane / Zanmataisei Demonbane

Universe Name: Demonbane

Status in regards to the plot: Main mech

Tier in the series: Mid-high Tier (compared to all series of Demonbane / High Tier (in Zanmataisei)

Gender: N/A

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, speed, durability, flight, reality warping, can control flame and wind, can seal off beings/objects/concepts, magic, pentagram barrier, illusion creation, manifesed weapons, universal/dimensional teleportation, regeneration (Mid-Low), casuality and time manipulation

Destructive Capability: Wall level+ (Vulcan Gun), multi building level+ (Atlantis Strike), multi ctiy block level+ (Lemuria Impact), at least building level+ (Barzai Schimitar), small island level (God Beast bullet), at least building level+ (gun form Cthuga/Ithaqua), island level+ (combined God Beast bullets), probably multi city/island level+ (God Beast Spell Helix), Unknown (Shining Trapezohedron)

Speed: Possibly massively hypersonic after get in Yog Sothoth

Intelligence: Unknown

Stamina: Infinite (fight through the entire Outer universes non-stop)

Durability: City block level+ (tanked a large amount of bullets and missles from Docta West destroyer robot and was able to with stand a gravity spell for a while) | Small island level+ (tanked attacks from an island-size monsters and survive an attack nearly wipe out an island) | City level+, likely higher (easily tanked an attack created an enourmous crater on Arkham City and the pentagram shield are capable tanking attacks from Legacy of Gold now) | Country level+ (tanked an attack created an 170km+ crater without much harm), Unknown (when using Shining Trapezohedron)

Race: God Machine / Deus Machina

Occupation: Imatation Deus Machina

Range: At least serveral of meters to universal range (able to transfer Kurou Daijuuji back to his universe)

Weakness: Nacaal Code, require powerful grimmore to move (useless after becoming Elder god)

Accurary: Widely, Kurou is very famous for causing damage when he pilot Demonbane.

Standard Equipment:

Other: Arkham City Arc | Anticross Arc | Cthulhu Arc | Final Battle Arc

- Demonbane is one of the largest mystery of Demonbane.

Battle History in The Arena: